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nature education
I really enjoy working and interacting with children. To captivate children for the 'little and big wonders of nature' and to offer them a different approach towards their living environment is a great experience.

- with the 'WWF Zürich', Switzerland: summer camps & nature education days for school-children (2003-2005)

  • Ferienpasstag 2005: 'Safari quer durch die Zürcher Stadtnatur'
  • Ferienpasstag 2005: 'Dem Stadtigel auf der Spur'
  • Sommerlager am Wasser 2004: 'Waldmeister und Wasserläufer: Thur-Toggenburg-Lager'
  • Sommerlager am Wasser 2003: 'Von der Thurquelle bis zur Mündung in den Rhein'
- with the 'Arbeitskreis Waldpädagogik e.V.' (nature education association), Göttingen, Germany: nature education days for kindergarten-children & school classes, summer camps (1997-2001)
I often carry my camera with me, especially when I am travelling. But I may also take pictures at home, when meeting friends or at work! Sometimes I simply enjoy seeing the world through the lense of a camera.

In case you are interested to see more of my pictures, just visit my photo- page or my photohome-site at the photocommunity!
Whenever there is time, I love to travel and discover new countries, landscapes and cultures, meet and interact with different people of various backgrounds, beliefs and ideas.

You can find some travel pictures and reports on the homepage of my husband Jens Bredenbeck:

Most of my favourite sports are outdoors. During summertime I enjoy rock-climbing or hiking while I discover the mountains by skiing, snowboarding and ski-touring in winter.
I also used to play Underwater-Rugby - even though it usually takes place indoors. Never heard about that before? If you want to learn more, just visit the official Swiss Underwater-Rugby homepage or the USZ-homepage (Unterwasser-Sport-Zentrum Zürich).