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(dictionary on dog behaviour, German), 2005 (1st edition)/2008 (2nd edition)

Andrea Weidt
Hundeverhalten - DAS LEXIKON

8305 Dietlikon
ISBN: 3-9523030-0-3
29.50 CHF / 19.50 EURO

2nd edition 2008: ISBN: 978-3-9523030-0-9

This reference book is suitable for dog owners, dog breeders and anyone, who is interested in dogs and their behaviour.
It contains new and up-to-date information on various aspects of dog behaviour from A to Z.
However, this book is not only a dictionary, but also enables a basic understanding of the behavioural development in dogs!
And in addition, it offers helpful practical information for everyday life with our four-legged friends.

Enjoy reading!

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267 pages


Aktuelles aus der Wissenschaft:
News in Science in the Swiss Dogs Magazine (Schweizer Hunde Magazin), in German, 2008-2013
children's pages in the Swiss Dogs Magazine (Schweizer Hunde Magazin), in German, 2001-2013

From 2001 until 2013 I was responsible for the children's pages in the Swiss Dogs Magazine (published 9 times a year).
My articles deal with various topics, including for example the dogs' sensory system, rescue dogs, domestication, the theory of evolution, parasites or yawning...and much, much more.

I noticed that grown-ups are also quite interested in reading the Kids Corner. So feel free to join them and browse some samples ;-).

LEXIKON der verhaltenskundlichen kynologischen Begriffe:
series on behavioural terms in the Swiss Dogs Magazine (Schweizer Hunde Magazin), in German, 2001-2005

From 2001 until 2005 I published a series on behavioural terms from A to Z in the Swiss Dogs Magazine. This series was the basis for the dictionary on dog behaviour (see above) and was thoroughly revised, updated and extended for the book version.
assistant at 'Netz Natur', SF DRS (Swiss TV company, nature programme) on single occasions, in 2003