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- dog behaviour
- guide dogs for the blind

behavioural development
- learning biology


a new network to optimize guide dog training

Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind & KYNOLOGOS AG

Guide dogs for the blind do an amazing job - they are reliable companions for visually impaired people .... leading them confidently through crowds and over busy streets ... avoiding obstacles on their way ... indicating crossings .... and much much more.... thus enabling them to live a rather independent life.

Knowing this, it is not surprising that high demands are made on guide dog training!
Since 1999 the Foundation Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in cooperation with KYNOLOGOS AG established a new approach to optimize guide dog training, considering the mental and physical wellbeing of the dogs as a major factor.

In the course of the new programme, closely coordinated innovations were introduced at different stages during a guide dog's development.

The main focus however is put on the behavioural development during puppyhood.
Advanced rearing and environmental conditions are provided in this period of highest learning capability, which enable the puppies to develop their genetic potential in an optimal way. Also specific skills - such as for example the orientation towards height - are already primed in a playful way at a very early age.


International Seminar on 'Directed Promotion of the Behavioural Development in Guide Dog Puppies', Allschwil, Switzerland, 2007 (organizers: Swiss School for Guide Dogs for the Blind in cooperation with KYNOLOGOS AG)

Berlowitz, D. & Weidt, A.: A New Network for Optimizing Guide Dog Training. Meeting of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), New York, USA, 2006 [pdf]

seminars & publications on the dog's behavioural development
- seminars on behaviour and character of dogs in Switzerland and Germany (in German);
information about upcoming seminars can be found on the KYNOLOGOS-homepage

booklet: 'Verhaltenskynologischer Leitfaden für Züchter und Welpenerwerber' (guidelines on the behavioural development for breeders and puppy owners, in german);
published in the Schweizer Hunde Magazin (Swiss Dogs Magazin)